Tools For Creative Thinking

Supporting Idea Generation With Thinking Tools

Breaking Boundaries

One of the challenges of creative thinking and innovation is that we are chained to the present and the past. To break down the barriers of our existing paradigms it’s useful to ask “What If” about situations that need improvement or problems that needs solving. However, left on its own this question can be so vague as to be daunting for people also concerned with getting things done and producing results.

But what if you applied the ‘what if’ question to morphological analysis? Consider the idea of introducing a new restaurant. In the United States if you live in a major city you have a vast array of choices and some areas, think San Francisco, are particularly rich in variety. How then could you go about creating a unique restaurant?

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Why Most Mind Mapping Software is Poorly Designed

A colleague recently reminded me of the difficulties in using software to develop thinking and capture ideas. She talked about using a regular text program like Microsoft Word to jot down some ideas but her personality style leads her to want to get the appearance to be appropriate at the same time as capturing the ideas. This means that she tends to format as she writes and very soon she is consumed in struggling with how a software feature works rather than capturing ideas.
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Simple Model Helps Thinking About Thinking

In creative thinking Roger van Ouch’s books offer a simple map to help you identify where your thought process is and perhaps where it should be.
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Writing As A Thinking Tool

Date: May 25, 2010 3:37 PM

Topic: Writing Process

We tend to think of writing as an end result, but the process is very helpful to discover inner thoughts or create new ideas.
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Zen Writing

The process of writing can reveal ideas and thoughts in the unconscious mind that are not revealed by simply thinking about a problem and asking yourself for an answer. However one of the challenges in writing is knowing what to write. This technique avoids that problem.

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